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  1. I'm a total newbie when it comes to the futures market. I'm currently trading in the spot FX market and looking to switch over to the Globex.

    My question is on eSignal, they list that the Traded Months for the Euro FX is H, M, U, Z.

    Does this mean you can only trade this 4 months out of the year?

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    The market is closed until March!

    Sorry....I could not resist.

    It means right now until mid March the "front" month is March, then you roll over and trade June for 3 months.....etc.

    Read up a little here.

  3. Damn, that wrecks my buzz!
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    Yeah I know.

    The futs are built for scalpers/position traders.

    Anyone with a different system of trading and capturing the really long-term gains that can be had from a good trend are penalized for it.

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  5. That actually made me laugh here.


    Sorry - you can trade 33% of the possible months available on your calendar. Just make sure you are ready to go on those 4 months b/c this thing will ROCK.
  6. So then what are the alternatives?

    Looks like sticking with the FX market is the only choice...
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    What happened to the other JimmyJam?

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    what exactly is the problem ? ? ? ?
    you just roll over four times if you want to hold a position for a year, you will pay a little commission but save much much much more on intrest rates ...
  9. CME FX tracks the spot very well almost pip for pip with differences due to the prmeium/carry depending on how far out to expiration you are. They are liquid and spreads are 1 pip on most majors during regular US hours.

    You can trade them through any futures broker with GLobex access so for me I like that I can trade index futures and forex together in same account instead of having to move money to a forex broker or account. CME Fx future are not necessarily better but they are standardized and liquid and easy to use. Just depends on what you feel most comfortable using.

    The fact that is only has MAR, JUNE, SEP and DEC does not matter, just trade the front month until rollover.
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    After taking Market Surfer to task for his refusal to even admit that something like a trend exists and his horrendous risk management (lack of) skills (the guy let a YM trade go 600 pts against his scaled-in Short), and giving a severe beat down to the spammer who started this thread Playing Mind Games they cut off the tap.

    Too bad, I was really on a roll. :D

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