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    Some disscusion about CME electronic corporate memberchip welcome

    CME fees for one roundturn until 25k contracts of e-mini
    and e-fx per month is 0.88$

    How great can be relevant offer for one RT from broker in case of 500 RT/1000 side in CME Eu incentive program in first month/per month ? 1$ ?

    Author is europha based .Which of advantage can be from CME
    Europen Incentive Program?

    Your respectfully milstar
  2. Whatever you do, dont trade the S&P during european market hours.

    The pinnacle of fucking useless.
  3. Isn't the electronic corporate membership program ending
    the end if this year ?!
  4. I think the US corporate membership ends in dec. but it was supposed to end in Oct of this year too.
  5. Ends december 2006, which has been the date the merc has been going with all the time since they changed it from October 2005 - so there's still a little more than 12 months before you're required to buy one seat or lease 2. There's a fee of usd 1,000 for entering the initiative, which when considering the reduced rate is nothing if you're doing just a little size.


  6. If the merc believes it will hurt their business they will never end it.
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    First month 1000 side minimum or maximum ?

    Are 0.88$ per side all ,what must be payed for CME or
    extra for memberchip leasing 1500-1700$ fees apply?
    (in case of European incentive program)

    What of CME RT fees related to pit traded options on SP ?
    2* 0.88$ as for SP pit traded future ?

    Author would very pleased for answer.

    Your respectfully milstar
  8. a few other adjectives come to mind as well.:p
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    I think the reason the CME did it was to compete with the Eurex market as well as the strong presence of Forex that has been building. On top of that CBOT had lowered their fees for the dow making it more attractive to active traders.
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    EurexUS is in deficit ,but Eurex will support EurexUS .

    One of grounds can be support germany expansion.

    DB- Bankerstrust
    Daimler -Chrysler / USA middle management out from
    cultur difference's/
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