CME E-quotes, or something comparable?

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    Is anyone using this service? What do you think of it so far...

    I'm first and foremost concerned with the reliability of the data (this shouldn't be a problem as it comes from the source), and secondly I want good charting.

    I'm a former user of the following products and quit using them for the following reasons :

    Esignal: bad tick data on some of there servers makes their data unusable for me.

    Qcharts: data usually seems good, but it never arrives on time...

    Ensign: interface is quirky, only uses esignal or mytrack for data, and esignal is flaky, i've heard mytrack data is as well.

    Aspen Graphics: Interface is outdated... and it's expensive.

    I'm thinking of using: CME-Equotes, Neoticker, or Nextrend.

    Does anyone know anything about the reliability of the futures data these products provide? And the general usefulness of the charting applications they provide?

  2. CME offers, besides data, services from Futresource. Go to and you can subscribe for a free 15 days trial, including real-time data.

    However, if you compare both pricing, Futuresource is cheaper; plus you have all the exchanges you don't get r/t, delayed.

    Also, you can have delayed or r/t news, and delayed is included in your basic subscription.

    Charting is good, unless you need to plot your own indicators, wich is not available.

    One thing I missed is you can't chart bid/ask, instead if the last sale...

  3. lundy


    first call to cme and it just rang about 50 times, then went to busy signal.

    second call rang about 10 times, someone picked up, but they transferred me to a voice mail box.

    third call, answered immediately, I said " i'd like to ask 4 questions about the service and it will only take 2 minutes of your time". she said ok... on the fourth question, she hung up.

    first question was, what does snapshot mean? She said it means delayed by 60 seconds...

    I had thought it meant that you only get a quote every 60 seconds.. but i was wrong, you get all the market data, but it only updates ever 60 seconds.

    second question was, does the basic charting have the ability to filter holidays like the 27th, where globex stayed open? She said NO, but the advanced charts do.

    third question was, does the basic charting have trendline capabilities? She said YES.

    fourth question was, can I upgrade to the advanced charting from the basic service? she didn't answer... and i got disconnected.

    from the time I said 2 minutes till she hung up lasted about 1 minute and 10 seconds. I'm pretty sure that all my questions could not be answered from the info on the website... at least when I went over everything i couldn't find it.

    I think they are pretty rude... and instead of having new callers put on hold, they put you on hold after u've been talking to them for 30 seconds, to answer new callers!!!

    Seems like the source of the quotes doesn't have their shit together as far as this new offering. But i'm going to brush off my first impressions and get the basic equotes service... i'll let you guys know how it goes.
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    they always make it easy to take your money...

    I started out with the snapshot equotes package for 25 dollars, knowing that I can upgrade later.

    After 3 minutes of filling out information... I launch the equotes websheet... to my dismay and utter disbeleif (yeah right!) it doesn't work. I get an error message, so I call tech support. They say the service is down and should be up in 15 minutes.


  5. They must be having problems with their whole PBX system or something, I wouldn't take it personally.

    When I have called CME in the past they have been very helpful. I wanted them to send me a booklet that they offered, some brochures, etc. Got them a few days later in the mail. I also asked a number of questions on the phone, and if anything, the guy talked too much.
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    I understand these things can happen, thats why i've signed up to test out their product.
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    on my fourth call, I got a smart individual who was able to help me get the cme equotes working...

    the problem initially affects IB USERS! I had to enable the Microsoft Java VM and disable Sun's VM.

    After that the Equotes loads, adn IB's TWS still loads ok, so I guess that solved the problem...

    We'll see how cme's software/data interface goes from here.
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    the snapshot package only offers a PICTURE that gets updated every 15 minutes.... and they call that a chart!!! No tools no nothing... it's literally a picture, you can even save it as your desktop background. :eek:

    so I upgraded to the enhanced version...
    It offers an interactive chart that updates tick by tick, but it fails to have such a basic tool as a trendline :eek:

    the premium package has a trendline, but it cannot snap to price, something most programs can do, ie qcharts, esignal, ensign, metastock, etc.etc. since i mainly use trendlines, this is a huge drawback for me. :eek:

    the premium package costs 95 dollars a month, and it seems a bit unpolished...

    I like the idea of having a simple program that focuses just on futures, and i've submitted my ideas of what they can do to make it a polished product... til then, I cancelled my subscription, got a full refund... and asked for an email when they add these features.
  9. I tried the data only version of the CME's eQuotes. There is no way to import the data into another program. It updates inside a browser which really stinks. There is no way to change the fields around or to increase the font size. The quotes were consistently slower than those provided by IB. I canceled after the first month. It was only $10 for the data only so the price was right.
  10. My experience with customer support was similar to some who have posted. I had a hard time getting an answer to a few questions (several emails over several weeks). I was ignored for the most part, and only got partial answers to the rest. The CME isn't the most customer friendly.
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