CME e-quotes now available

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by aldrums, Mar 7, 2002.

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  2. shneed


    Well, everything is working fine, I got a call from England, and found out that my Sun Java is conflicting with Microsoft Java, had to disable Sun. Everything works fine, except, they are too expensive for the service that they are providing. Most likely this is my last month with them.

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  3. So how much do they charge if you want RT charting?
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  4. Does anyone have the data only subscription? If so, how do you access the data? And while I'm asking, how up-to-date is the data compared to IB or other relatively fast datafeeds?
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  5. LadyLuck


    RT streaming starts at $60 i believe.

    Anyone know how fast / stable they are compared to other quote systems for the eminis?
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  6. How was the speed of the EMinis during the fed announcement? Is anyone using the data only quotes? If so, how do you access the quotes?
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  7. Just to update anyone who was curious about what the data only subscription is like. I subscribed to the data only subscription ($10) for a month, and made every effort to gain access to the data. In a nutshell, the data only subscription is quotes in a browser (Websheet) that updates tick by tick. It updates a bit slower than IB's data.

    My main reason for subscribing was to see if it were feasible to interface with the Websheets (the browser that contains the data). There is no API avaialble and as far as I could tell no way to get at the data. (made attempts with the IE document object and got nowhere) I'd appreciate comments from anyone who had better luck.
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  8. Pssst


    This is really a shame that they don't provide API. It is so a basic thing. And the only thing they do in life it's trading thing. I can't still beleive it. We are in 2002? right?

    That really show that big guys in control are gray hair :)
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