CME e-quotes now available

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by aldrums, Mar 7, 2002.

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    Looks like "Streaming Tick" charting with the e-minis is going cost an additional $65 a month, on top of the $30 fee.
    They also have a "Data Only" version of the real time e-mini quotes for $10 a month. Can any of you programmers tell me if this data only version could be fed into a charting package which is less expensive than CME's?


  3. aldrums


    I'm surprised there haven't been any posts regarding CME's e-quotes...does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

  4. I looked the site over and there just isn't enough information. I grew tired of watching the flash presentation, but that seems to be about the extent of the info. The application seems to be web based. For me the interest is in the data only subscription, and interfacing this into one of my apps, but there seem to be no details regarding what programming languages are supported and how the interface is to be done. I couldn't tell if the cost included the globex fee or if the globex fee was on top of the fees (which I assume).
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    just click on "i want to purchase" ...
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    i called yesterday and they said it was delayed because of technical problems, is anyone actually using this product, is it integrated, browser based, are they better than ib, esig, qcharts, realtick if so how much better, is there a free trial version thanks
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    I ordered the service last Friday, it hasn't worked yet, support keeps saying that they are having datafeed problems.

  8. Keep us posted! I think I'll let someone else beta test this before I give it a try.
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    I thought they WERE the datafeed. Here we are in the 21st century and it's the same old story. They charge too much (they jack up the prices with "extra" services that should be included) and the dumb thing doesn't work.
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