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  1. SERVICE ALERT - PRIORITY - Chicago Mercantile Exchange and CBOT - Interest Rate Futures - Not Updating - CONFIRMED
    24 December 2008 09:07:48 (GMT-05:00)
    Provided by: Data Updates, Disruptions & Holidays
    CME and CBOT (Interest Rate Futs) PRIORITY ALERT = Confirmed

    Checkpoints (All Times are GMT) Outage Start: 14:05 24 Dec 2008
    First Reported: 14:07 24 Dec 2008 Last Updated: 14:07 24 Dec 2008
    Next Update: 14:37 24 Dec 2008 Estimated Resolution: Not Yet Available

    Please be advised, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade
    interest rate futures are not updating. Investigations are underway to establish
    the cause of this incident.

  2. - CME Globex Shutdown Also Halts Electronic Livestock Mkts
  3. Jaxon


    I had FV orders stuck in my DOM, wouldn't cancel. Supposedly they never made it to the exchange which is where the problem resides.

    Where did that message come from in your op? Is there an email list I can subscribe to? Wouldn't it be nice to know before I start entering orders?
  4. TraDaToR


    Same here... I restarted my platform and retried to place orders since I didn't understand what was happening. Now I have 2 orders stuck for 3 X my usual size...
  5. You can check this page for updates:

    It's usually delayed though; CME will only send out emails to registered brokers since we're just a bunch of ig'nunt peons.

    If anyone knows how to get auto-forwarded GCC emails it would be a big help!
  6. Jaxon


    erlewine, thank you very much for that link.

    This message should provide a little bit of comfort: (since my broker did not tell me this)

  7. I was lucky to delete my last orders at 8:45 EST... I saw that news on a DJ and Reuters newsfeeds. My TT did not recognized the CBOT exchange shutdown...and effectively is just a partial failure.

    - Anyone knows how to get information about the CME Globex status for non-members aside calling 312-456.2391 (GCC -Globex Control Center)?
  8. TraDaToR


    Thanks Erlewine,

    Do they cancel any orders that has been entered during the outage.How do they proceed?
  9. TraDaToR


    OK just saw Jaxon message.
  10. IB finally sent a bulletin almost 2 hours late!

    Cash bonds are mostly unchanged, if anyone needs to hedge over the holiday there's TLT although you'll have to figure out the ratio for yourself.
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