CME Currency Volume - Who provides it?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by achilles28, Jan 5, 2006.

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm searching for a free or inexpensive charting service that graphically provides CME, *intraday*, currency future volume data.

    I've found a program called 'equivlent' made available by CME here -

    - that provides a running session total (cumulative/numeric) of total traded contract volume.

    Given the real time availability of intraday numeric volume data, one would think a free webcharting service is out there somewhere graphing this real time volume data for all us cheapskates!

    Seriously, I know very little of the futures market and would be appreciative of any help provided. Thanks!
  2. for real time you'll have to pay esignal or qcharts or similar ..
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    How about a delayed charting provider?

    That would do fine.
  4. Medved QuoteTracker (excellent and can be free, with ads) with (also free) selected as datafeed and backfill source. 10 or 20 minutes delay on futures, if I am not mistaken.

    There may well be other free or low-cost intraday futures sources for QT, besides Just search on their forums or shoot them an email... don't be surprised to get an answer within an hour, day or night. Their customer service is simply unreal.
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    Thanks Late Apex.

    I emailed Quote Tracker for date providers. doesn't offer free delayed or historical futures volume, unfortunately.

    Do you find cme currency volume useful for trading spot?
  6. Well, I'm sure QT will point you to suitable data sources.

    Yes, I keep an eye on CME volume. Not so much as a confirming indicator, but as a secondary trade filter.
  7. Wrong. This is a popular misconception. I don't pay anything for my charts with interactivebrokers. You don't really think someone would pay just to have charts?
  8. This is good to know. What size account is required to get real time volume data on CME currency futures? Does the charting service come free with the account and include volume? Please elaborate. I use FXCM to trade the spot market but the necessary charting costs $100. / mo.
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    Sort of like a step-on-the-gas type trigger?

    Can you give me a taste when it's proved useful, and what postive signs one should look for?