CME CSI Housing futures & options

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    On CNBC the CME rep stated that the initial margin was going to be about 2k on the contracts.
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    They start trading these today, May 22nd. So we'll soon see if they fall on their face as many are fond of predicting.

    IB is not offering these yet: "At this time, upper management is considering whether to add this product to our system or not. Please keep posted to the web site for any changes in our product line.

    I don't see any symbol for trading these yet. Says though "$250 times the S&P/Case-Shiller Metro Area Home Price Indices" so they'll be about $45 - $70,000 for each future.

    Not sure what happens if there's a mismatch of people long/short the future. I guess with the options the price can compensate.
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  4. There are 10 cities plus the overall index. You can go to and set-up a custom quote board and/or a chart window to keep an eye on them. The volume and open interest numbers are "scary". Appointments to trade the contracts are usually available around 12-noon(CST) when the other pits are slow.
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