CME Colocation

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  2. 1) The occupancy rate at the "CBOT" and CME buildings should be atleast 100%, if not higher, in order to cram in as many servers as possible. :eek:
    2) There is always a possibility that the buildings will only house servers in the future and no "traditional" lease tenants. :(
    3) Rents will be at a premium, by the cubic-inch, instead of by the square-foot. :mad:
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    I thought this colocation would take place in Aurora at the new data center... I was thinking they were migrating everything to create a monopoly in colocation, away from others like Jackson Direct and Equinix in the Loop.???
  4. 1) I am not familiar with the "geography" of it. :cool:
    2) Maybe it's better to locate the data center in the suburbs instead of within the Chicago city limits or the "Loop". :confused:
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    I don't know.:confused: What I don't like is I am quite sure those colocating at CME will get a few microseconds of edge compared to other colo and the price there will be prohibitive.

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    It's a darn good business model.

    By being the clearinghouse instead of just one of many exchanges... CME has almost infinite potential for monetizing their dominance in these markets. No wonder Nasdaq was hoping to be acquired by one of the mercantile exchanges.