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  1. Thanks for posting that information.

    CME operating its own Co-Location data center has to crush all the other Chicago co-location business.

    EQIX down 25% after hours.
  2. Rackspace getting hit too.

    I hope they have a 30-foot moat around this facility, with archer turrets and an observation tower as me thinks having all servers co-loco'd in 1 place could invite those looking to return to the stone age to attack the castle.

    Watch for Aurora, IL to turn into Dearborn, MI shortly.
  3. Seems like it will cost about $15,500 to $19,000 a month for a 52U cabinet. There is also a non-refundable $10,000 deposit per cabinet.

    Minimum space size is 1 cabinet.

    Certainly above my budget.

    Perhaps we could form a group and lease a cabinet? Does anyone know of any provider who plans to sub-lease space from the CME's new co-lo facility?

  4. Given the limit number of Racks available, I can not imagine there will be anyone trying find sub-tenants for their space. I know of certain firm that applied for 5 racks already.
  6. Wow! That is expensive, even for retail colo. EQIX is $3k/cab/month in most sites. How does one justify 3x the cost & being way above market? Especially for an org that isn't supposed to set the market.

    I am a data center guy and if there was enough interest, I could deploy something close <5 miles for significantly less.

    However I don't know if that would get member companies in hot water if they had one cabinet at CME with 5 partner companies in it sharing the cost that was connected off-site via cross connect to a 50 cabinet algorythymic machine.

    Can anyone answer that?
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    I'm ceratinly interested in leasing part of cab at aurora...
  8. That's our beloved (and greedy) CME !
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    As usual on ET, there is imcomplete information, and what is missing is equally important.

    When you lease a cabinet, you are actually leasing two things, both of utmost importance, number of U, and power drop. Everyone that has every done this knows that if you rent a 42 rack of space, that comes with maybe enough power to handle five modern fast computers. That means that about 35 of that 42U is wasted. Of course you can do more power drops to your rack, but then you are paying lots for that. In fact, what you are really paying for is the power drop.

    I don't know how much power the CME offering gives you, but if it gives you more power than the equivalent Equinix version, it may actually be cheaper when all the accounting is done.
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