CME Chicago Test IPs?

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  1. Does anyone have any test IPs that can be reached publicly to test latency to the CME network(or any other trading network) that you guys use for your software? Sorry not to familiar the software you guys run. I understand you guys need fast low latency servers. So I would be happy to do some ping tests/trace routes and share them here.

    The reason I ask is we keep getting people who want to rent our servers to do trading related things. I want to see if there is any potential to help people here.

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  3. I would also like to help people who want to co-locate trading servers as I have space, speed, ip's, and I am a trader myself.


  4. Do you have any test IPs I can ping from my datacenter in Houston to any of the trading systems/servers/data feeds you guys use and need low latency to?
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    I don't really understand the service you are looking to provide. If any of our futures clients using a desktop or web-based software connect to the CME they do it through the software like CQG. Are you asking for the IP address that CQG uses for a US client to connect to? And, what would you do with the result?
  6. sent you a private message with an ip to test.
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    IP addresses to CME will be broker specific I think. Are you selling VPSs?

    I used to pay $80 a month for a VPS that pinged sub 1ms to CME in Chicago. Currently I pay $12 a month for a cheapo one that does ~3ms to CME since I have moved to trading over a longer time frame now.
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    Don't you need to go through your broker to access the CME anyway?
    Unless you're a broker, you could be sitting directly next to the CME servers, it wouldn't make any difference.
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