CME Changing Its Fee Structure

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Tradewinds, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. I received this tonight.........

    Effective April 1, 2003, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is changing its fee structure. The CME monthly exchange fees will change from:

    · US$63.00 to US$53.00 for the 1st unit
    · US$12.00 to US$20.00 for each additional unit
    · US$10.00 to US$15.00 for the CME E-Minis

  2. for what ? data?
  3. Yes, the monthly fee for the data is changing.
  4. qdz


    Gee, please say it's the fee for data subscription. Do not scare people who thought it were commissions. Althought CME is about futures but the effect will spread out!

  5. js1257


    As soon as the IPO hit that is when a lot of the problems started. it is getting worse and worser. It is only 1/7/03. Each day there is a problem, do they care? No. Like someone on this board said they are not going to give "A FUCKING RATS ASS BECUZ THEY HAVE GOTTEN THEIR IPO MONEY. SO HASTA LA VISTA BABY! THEY ARE RICHER THAN THEIR WILDEST DREAMS! AND NOW THEY WANT MORE MONEY. WHO IS RUNNING THE FUCKING SHOW THERE????? WE DID NOT MAKE ENOUGH FROM THE IPO SO PAY US MORE OR YOU WILL BE CUT OFF . GREEDY OR WHAT???
  6. TG


    They run it like a business, if the fees are too high, trade something else.
  7. Careful! Those people are very influential. Who do you think made the PDT rule and killed the QQQs and SPY on ISLD?
  8. yes this is from the eSignal site

    Effective 4/1/03, the CME exchange fee will be reduced to $53.00 for 1st unit and increased to $20 for 2nd unit, and the CME E-mini exchange fee will be increased to $15.00.