CME ceritfied ISV trading applications

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by buybig, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. buybig



    Im doing extensive research on trading platforms. I would love a platform that will trade stocks/futures/options. Im big in to charting though i use a handfull of technical indicators. my intent is to find the most powerful platform to trade the ES.

    gave NT a trial run and dont like the charting much. though their dynamic DOM rocks except for the fact you cant chart volume/histogram.

    I liked OEC.

    came across

    I looked at CQG inc and it looks like everything i want.

    heres the catch.

    ive never heard anyone mention the platforms in the above pdf. is there a reason.

    im new to this so im just figuring out the front end/provider/third party relationship.

    do the guys in the pdf only cater to the big houses?

    again im new and dumb..

  2. Ponzrelli


    Unless something has changed in the pat year, I found the execution platform to be buggy with poor customer support. Instead of the usual drill (where the support people blame your ISP)
    They blame the clearing firm's network or settings in this case because its a hosted solution.