CME/CBOT - Trading Consequences

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  1. This thread is intended to follow the news in regards to what is going to happen with the CME/CBOT merger, particularly what effects it will have on traders.

    I will try and keep it up to date with what has happened, and appreciate any help in doing so.


  2. Interesting is what is going down as well
  3. CME announced new contracts to begin trading Aug 19.

    Emini SP SmallCap 600 futures
    SP SmallCap 600 futures

    Emini SP MidCap 400 Options
  4. Has anyone heard of any trading repercussions? I saw something about limited market depth available on Globex compared to eCBOT.. does anyone know what this is about?
  5. Losing any extra depth on e-CrapBot will be a small price to pay.
    Globex is a much more solid platform.
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    Does someone knows if exchange fees for CBOT products will change?
  7. I agree completely...
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    i have a bad feeling that exchange fees will go up.
  9. FYI, they announced the date for moving CBOT products to Globex. CBOT's commodities and equities index products will be migrated over the weekend of January 12-13, 2008, and interest rate products will be moved two weeks later.
  10. Today CME Group listed S&P Small Cap futures and eminis

    Still haven't traded a single lot from what I can see.
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