CME/CBOT exchange fee's

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by JayS, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. JayS


    Was wondering if anyone has heard if/when the CME/CBOT will consolidate into one exchange for data fee's (after this merger)? Probably not in their best interest revenue wise. After paying some much for CQG and eSignal for backup always looking to save a little where I can on monthly expenses.
  2. cszulc


    All the e-CBOT products are moving over to Globex so I assume there would be one data service, not both from CBOT and CME.
  3. SDticks


    May still have to pay seperate fees. Nymex is on Globex but you have to pay for Nymex products seperately. Nybot is on ICE, but you have to pay seperately.
  4. cszulc


    True, but now that CME owns CBOT (and doesn't own NYMEX, or ICE doesn't own NYBOT) I would think that it would all be under one name (CME Group).

    But, who knows what could happen. I really only trade CME products, and if they add CBOT under one fee I'll probably trade those too. Hopefully they will just charge one fee.
  5. I would think they'd put different products into groups and charge fees based on the markets you trade.
  6. SDticks


    The ICE does own the NYBOT, at least last time I checked.