Cme/cbot Charts Quite Interesting

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. notice the money flowing into them around november 13th, and at the start of 2007. Looks like a lot of short-term money in these two stocks that makes them good short candidates right here.

    looks like the same people are running these two stocks around the yard.....sort of like killer whales playing "toss the seal".....hedgies:)
  2. CME current stock price might be greater than the initial price by about 1000 % in four years.
  3. the exchange stocks have low beta's and excellent linearity on the charts. And awesome trends.

    I will be accumulating these on any meaningful pullback for the future, true globalization has not occured yet.

    When the equity indicies print exponential curves on the charts, these stocks will be leaders with huge percentage gains.
  4. at least these 2 are going down with the rest of the market today, unlike gs and wynn as pointed out by a friend of mine. As before BOT used to move independently of the market. I will follow these two for awhile, but they look to be heading lower in the near-term (next 2 months) in my opinion.
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  6. we know about the merger, 10/17/07.......I am curious about the money moving in november 13th, and at the start of the new year. And how the acquirer and acquiree trade as one---oftentimes the acquirer trades down, if nothing else from an arbitrage stand point.

    I know there is some cross-ownership involved here, but those are almost mirrored charts with differing pe`s.
  7. nice 2.5% day in these---these seem like they are setting up for a massive fall in the next 3 months.