CME Career Expo This Friday

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  1. Sioux


    Sorry for the short notice.....
    The CME is having their 1st annual career expo THIS FRIDAY on the lower trading floor at the Exchange. You must sign up the following link ...

    For all of you who have sent me PM's asking for introductions to Proprietary Trading Firms.....THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the exhibitors will be mostly FCM and IB's, and arcades, but there will be a few prop groups recruiting as well.

    If you are not a student...please indicate that on the registration form from CME website. You will still be allowed to attend.

    I'll be at the FFastTrade booth if you want to stop by and introduce yourself.

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    In 1979 a neighbor suggested that I stop by the exchange to talk about a summer job: the summer job took me right through undergrad summers, got me a gig after undergrad while in grad school and today as an independent trader makes me a fantastic living in a business I truly enjoy - in addition to my other ventures.

    If any of you want to find out more about the business it could well be worth your while to stop by this expo ....
    For a perspective on what it was like in the earlier days of the IMM, Euro, and S&P markets read a few of Leo Melameds articles on his website

    I still remember coming home from covered in chalk dust and having dreams of the open and close bells ringing and waking me up during the first few weeks of work .... Things have come a long way since then .....
  3. Damn I was a couple weeks too soon with my trip out there and missed this.
  4. vega


    Any idea which prop firms might be there ? Just wondering if these would be the "put up $10,000" type of prop firms, or more like the market-maker groups that might pay some type of salary. I looked at the website but couldn't find any lists of who's going to be there, but thought that maybe you might know.

  5. Sioux


    The most desireable Prop firms probably do NOT have websites or any info about them...except for maybe DRW trading group, which does in fact have a website.

    I do not have any information about which ones or how many true Prop firms will be attending.

    Firms that require you to put up capital are not PROP groups, they are are Pro firms, by my definition

  6. vega


    That was kind of my interpretation of the meaning of Prop firms, but sometimes here prop and pro are used interchangedly. If that's the case then I will probably try to be there on Friday.

  7. Sioux



    What are you looking for PROP or PRO???
  8. vega


    PROP, know of any good prop firms hiring ????

  9. Sioux


    You all of you sending me PM's for info on Prop firms

    here is a link from the CME website......

    Class A-Inactive Clearing members the status that most prop firms have....They are listed below

    Alpha Trading Group, LLC
    Blue Capital Group LLC
    CTC Holdings, L.L.C
    DRW Holdings, LLC
    Equitec Group, LLC
    Gator Trading Partners LLC
    Getco Holding Company, LLC
    Graham Fed Policy Ltd.
    Harrison Trading Group, LLC
    Jump Trading, LLC
    Kingstree Trading, LLC
    Marquette Partners, L.P.
    Medallion Trading
    C/o Renaissance Technologies Corp.
    Quiet Light Securities, LLC
    Ronin Capital, LLC
    Wolverine Trading, LLC
  10. For your information...

    I've heard great stuff about:


    Marquette is supposedly having a great training.

    Kingstree is one of the biggest and have some superb traders there to watch.

    Little info and firms you'd want to get into...

    At least, if I was a starting trader... I'll try to get in these...
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