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  2. well thats pretty damn interesting and hopefully they succeed. although im not a big fan of consolidation id rather keep things in house.
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    My bet is that within 2 years the NYSE will be history, replaced by an entity known as the World Exchange.

    You heard it here first.
  4. i think all exchanges should be non profit, but thats just me.
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    They are not buying as your title implies, but considering their options. They face a tough regulatory challenge if they do make a bid, which they haven't.
  6. CME = WCOM

    BS purchase accounting.
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    How bitter we are indeed.... Did you sell your CME stock at 35 in the IPO? Only to watch it go to 700+? Maybe you shorted at 300 with a finger down the throat at 600+?? Come on atti, lay it on us...
  8. Now, kids.
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  10. Nitro, isn't there a Boy Scout meeting to attend to?

    My only trade in CME has been from the long side. I've trade vol on the name, and looking back I see that it earned. This mad-dash to buy everything in sight smacks of WCOM and their purchase-accounting scam.
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