CME busting trades

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  1. Please be advised that the cme is busting trades in the following, MINI S&P Trades above 142200 and below 139800, MINI NSDQ Trades below 190600, S&P trades below 139800, NSDQ, trades below 190600, ZD DOW, trades below 12550, YM mini dow trades below 12550 .DD 25 dollar dow, trades below 12550, Mini MdCap trades below 79350, Mini Russell trades below 70230. Also in the June mini nsdq trades below 192200. Starting at about 1:19am CST to approximately 2:06am CST all orders in this bust range will need to be replaced
  2. Busting trades is not OK, IMHO. Trade is trade. There will be some insiders who will profit in a big way from that situation.
    3 years ago I had a bust in a volatile option which cost me thousands of bucks. I had a limit order in stock options. The order was filled - I sold options and bought them back within the same day with nice profits. The next day the trade was busted because someone claimed that my initial trade was outside the volatility range.
    I mean I didn't force my counterpart to trigger the trade- but he did. After the closing he changed the rules and busted the trade.
    This was not fair. For a non US citizen it is difficult to get to your rights if you are not familiar with the laws.

    Everytime I hear the word "bust" I know that some small fishes are fu... up , which is not OK. :mad:
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    This makes me want to know two things:

    1. Can one know in real-time if trades are likely to be busted?

    2. If so, can one predict the bust range?

    Guess it's time to do some research. Any discussion/input on the subject would definitely be interesting.

    Cheers! :)
  4. Hmmm, so what the hell happened @ 2:00 a.m. E.S.T.? Fat finger event?
  5. Has anyone figured WTF happened with the ES overnight ?!?!?
  6. mr bag

    mr bag

    it's called marekt manipulation and its also called u got fcuked.