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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by WD40, Jan 24, 2006.

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    how come cme keeps on going up, while bot is going nowhere?
  2. I believe CME spent a lot of time moving sideways before it headed north. I would expect BOT to do the same, but I don't think it will reach prices like the CME has.
  3. They're parking cars in some of the CBOT pits and it's reflected in the stock's performance.
  4. I read somewhere that CME announced today that they would not take a stake in one of the NY exchanges.
  5. It is almost time to buy bot

    I've been watching it.
  6. Went up to 95 today...I've been holding a long since 83 and I wish I sold at 130.
  7. Careful, Pabst will come in with one of his many aliases and call you names.

    :D :D

  8. You assume I am NOT Pabst? :p

  9. maybe all the insiders at the CME are trading on inside info regarding next week's earnings? No--- they wouldnt do that?
  10. Yes, that's safe to say.


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