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    I'm looking for a broker to trade Eurex and CME contracts. Has anyone got any comments about my contenders, Variance Futures and Proactive futures? Good reputations/any horror stories etc? Thanks for your help.
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    Cheers dtrader. Have you had a bad experience with Proactive?
  3. Infinity Futures :cool:
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    I forgot to say I was also considering Global Futures as well as Proactive and Variance. I will look at Infinity. Cheers
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    dtrader, what I didn't say is that I have tried the AT platform and adored it (beautiful simplicity and functionality), so Infinity is already at the top of my list. Other than Transact, Infinity and Proactiv I wonder if AT is used anywhere else.

    I was really trying to find some competition with regards to rates/different markets etc. Proactive offer the same platform, not sure if they are cheaper. So I agree with 100% about Infinity.
  6. PM me and I'll hook you up with my broker...very competitive rate
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  8. Based on volume of approx 100 round turn trades per month what commission rate would be considered a good deal for the following contracts, round turn all in?

    1. Emini S&P (CME)
    2. Dax Future (Eurex)
    3. FTSE Future (LIFFE)
    4. DJ Eurostoxx 50 (EUREX)

    Thanks for your help.