CMCSA long.

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  1. CMCSA daily looking good at these levels (35-36). I don't usually share my trade ideas but I will throw a chart here and there. Major support around 35. Stop just under 34 and targeting 42-45 for around 1:3-1:4 RR ratio... What do the "elite traders" have to say...
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    looking at big picture, it is uptrend.

    since sept 17, it is downtrend. How low it will go, no idea.
    not sure if the 35 level is significant level. so you need to take note.

    do note that if you long now, risk is much higher compare with those who longed it in say 2013.
    You will notice this similar pattern in other stocks in the sense that price has already run up quite alot
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  3. Risk is limited to my stop price. I'm banking on the support line holding and the uptrend continuing. The downtrend from sept 17 would be a short term downtrend on an (like you said) over all up trend. this is a trade and not an investment. I wouldn't plan on holding Comcast for 5 years. This trade should play out in a month or two. 35 level looks significant to me but time will tell:) I'm in jan 18 32.5 strike calls.
  4. Looks like 35 held.....
  5. Chicken dinner
  6. Still going up...
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