cmcforex needs to get into the 21st century

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  1. I trade with CMC and love there spreads they tell you if there is slippage and you have a choice to accept or not . They have crappy charts but i use esignal so i can live with it . But they have been promising an upgrade to there platform for over a year now . Here are some basic stuff they still dont have

    -text alerts to cell phone
    -Every time you put in an email alert you have type the whole email address ( most platform have the address on your ac)
    - no trailing stops
    - if you put a limit buy you can only protect one side when it is hit.
    - every time you request a withdrawal it takes days to recieve funds
    -- crappy charts

    plus other things

    Anyone that uses them has any insider info on if there is an upgrade soon . Please help or i might have to go back to fxcm ( we all know they are a last resort. )
  2. They've just upgraded it believe it or not! The upgrade was that you can now change a pending order without having to cancel it and start!

    I agree their platform is out of the dark ages but you should have been around before MM5 when they were Deal4Free, now that really was a joke but it was the best available at the time, in fact they got an award for it :eek:

    I only stay with them because their fills and quotes are good, if not for that I would have quit ages ago.

    I've never had any problem with delays withdrawing funds though, requested before 11am and it's in my bank by close of business same day.

    Who are you with, UK or US?

    Forget FXCM, try Oanda, best spreads and good fills even across data releases.
  3. i am in the US . Have you talked to anyone about an upgrade? I asked them again yesterday and they keep saying there is one coming out and when you ask they say in a couple months . I swear they have been saying that for 3 yrs .

    I wish they would give me a straight answer
  4. They're always saying 'a couple of months', CMC's IT Development is crap! They updated the UK platform to MM 5.4 at the beginning of this month and say no further updates are planned this year.

    Have you clicked on [​IMG] for any information about updates?

    What's your order ticket like, this is the updated one with the 'Edit' option....

    [​IMG] and this is the 'One Click' ticket when you click 'New' [​IMG]
  5. Yes mine looks just like that . I am in the US . It sounds like your in the UK . You can trade gold and other stuff off the same platform in the UK i hear . CMC is good like you say even the commentry from Ashraf . Like you say they are great fills and the platform is never down .

    From your name do you only trade gbp ? CMC doesnt seem very big here in the states are they big in the UK? As I said all they need to do is upgrade there software . They sold part of there business to a US investment bank so they do have the cash .

    Did great today on the jpy today 85 pips . Been having a rough 2 weeks . I get these bad weeks every few months and just have to take a break and come back fresh . Looking forward to the long week end . Not even going to turn on a computer if thats possible.
  6. I think we all have rough weeks, as long as you're making money that's all that matters :)

    CMC is quite well known in UK but forex trading isn't really that big over here like it is in US. They're well funded though and being in the UK means funds are protected up to 35k even if they go bust.

    I'm looking forward to the long weekend too, get finished early today and then a few days off and away from charts!

    Have a good one...