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  1. janko


    Hi guys, just wanted to check few things with people who use the real thing at CMC. Im using their demo and maaaan that thing eats up a lot of resources. I wanted to ask few things.
    Why does the P/L doesnt update properly, is it demo only? I placed a trade after i was negative about 100 on my P/L and once i opened another trade it showed something like -8950, what the heck is that??? Onada keeps it updating properly with every tick. Does the real live act do that as well? Also, sometimes it seem like the prices dont update like they should, there is maybe 10-20 seonds of no activity on any of the pairs and then suddenly the screen lights up and changes quotes on many of the pairs. What is up with that????

    If you could share your experiences with CMC i would be very thankful guys.

    Thnx all.
  2. janko


    hmmm great, now after no positions open, it shows P/L 85,899 USD, well if i can get this on 6 pip profit trading 5 lots then Im there dude!!!
    Come on CMC.
    I hope the live act. doesnt goof like this.
  3. 168


    why go to cmc when you can have better deal with oanda or ib ?
  4. janko


    one other thing, does the platform differ a bit from the demo version. i saw some screenshots on their web site but the charts look different on the demo than the ones on the screenshot. which is it? the way they are setup on the screenshots is much better i think. in the demo they are completely different as far as the menu and options are concerned.

    As far as Oanda is concerned, i know they are good and i trade with them, but i want to see if CMC is a good place to be.

    But the demo has kinda thrown me off.

    thnx for any info from actual users.
  5. janko



    Anyone have problems with the demo when trying to close out positions? for some reason it does not clear the positions but shows one long and in the other trade one short, so basically its net 0 but it is not very clear!
    The P/L is still funky, the equity calculation as well. man i hope the real thing is different that this.

    any of you trade with CMC????
  6. liri


    Hi mate,

    I have an forex account with CMC from three years, i havent had any problems, however you really need to have high internet speed and good PC to get they trading platform runing
  7. toshiba


    I also have real account with CMC, everything works ok, the problems you told about are only on their demo, which is really bad and represents the real trading terminal not quite right. I have had only one problem with their real terminal, sometimes it gets frozen and I need to reload it, but it occured 5-6 times during 2 months I use this broker.

  8. I traded with CMC for over a year and i strongly recommend that you DON'T TRADE CFD'S WITH ANY PROVIDER, stick to the underlying and don't get sucked in by all there window dressing.

    there is a reason why the owner of CMC is a billionaire.
  9. liri


    Please what do yo mean when you say DON'T TRADE CFD'S WITH ANY PROVIDER,?

  10. in my opinion i would not trade CFD's full stop. not at a retail level anyway.
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