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    I've found that that they offer the tightest spreads, best execution, most products and the safest place to park my funds.
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    I've been looking at a lot of forex dealers and I like GFT forex,3 and 4 pip spreads. The real clincher though is the new platform they're bringing out.By far the best I've seen. oco,trailing stops,parent with cont. orders,stops show up on the chart and and can be changed by dragging and drop on new price.I looked at cmc and wasn't really impressed,but thats just me.To be honest I don't trust any forex dealer,too much opportunity to "adjust"trades to their favor
    good luck,Mike
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    CMC is one of the more reputable firms out there.
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    I agree that CMC is one of the more reputable firms in forex,I didnt like their platform.I just think that one needs to be suspicious of all the forex dealers,the way it's setup. I like GFT platform but I would"nt exactly trust them
  5. A reputable firm would not spam message boards.
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