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  1. Just discovered:

    Clusty 'clusters' (groups) searches, displaying clusters in the left column, expandable for additional Results, while displaying the 'first' Results to the right — see attached.

    One problem I have using Google is while there's umpteen millions of Results, they're hugely repetitive and searches thru such Results is very time consuming.
    Using the Advanced setting can be helpful but it makes me wonder what's going on when 'millions' of Results are reduced to less than 100 !!

    Clusty seems to provide a simpler and far more efficient method of search/result by subdividing the subject being searched; I'm going to switch and try Clusty for a while.

    Anyone using Clusty as their 'home' browser ? pros/cons about Clusty v Google ? is there another 'better browser' ?
  2. Been using Clusty as primary search for about 2 months now.

    The primary reason I switched from goog was the privacy factor. While I really could care less if goog is saving my search (and response) about "lawn care", "Bo Bice" or "pool cues", I just don't care for the concept. Clusty does no such saves.

    In addition to your observation of the "clustering" of search results, I find the toolbar (for IE and Firefox) and associated right click options very useful.

    The tabs allowing searching news, pics, shopping, etc are nice too... click the tab, no need to travel to a different url.

    A few PRs I read before trying...,,2103-2081355,00.html

    Have fun,
    Osorico [not affilliated with any search engine or web browser]