Clueless U of IL professor

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    great video, but unrelated to the original posting. that professor is no different from any other who has studied investing for x aount of years. they don't understand what trading is, and they believe that fundamentals drive the market even though they rewrite the book on fundamentals every time the market changes. it is sad they never understand that it is herd following and a pyramid game from which investors proffit, not the proper allocation of equity towards worthy corporations.

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    and why exactly do you believe technical analysis works? your proof is?
  4. you know I get so sick of noobs

    where do these kids come from

    he asks does TA work

    jesus H christ take me

    take me now
  6. We've found that so many local classes were being taught by stockbrokers, who basically know nothing about the markets or trading. About 10 years ago, we found a way to "give back" to the Community by teaching a legitimate class. We might attract traders, but only a miniscule percentage. We teach trading but, we also try to teach people how to get rid of their brokers and learn how to do things themselves.

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    My first thought is that you need to read more carefully. That professor never mixed the terms investor and trader. If you notice those words weren't in quotes, meaning the reporter paraphrased him. So those are the reporter's words.

    This is an investment article.

  8. heres the $20k question don. what are your thoughts on TA? do your traders use it, do you teach it, do you believe there is an edge in using it?


  9. My P&L.
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