CLSR is a winner!

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  1. I did it again!
  2. Congratulations...I'm glad that you're making should hold you over when your irrational strategy and egotism lead you into times that aren't worthy of congratulations.
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    Yes, you posted the same bit of news on the other thread.

    Your overreaction to it is as if this is extraordinary for someone to see a gain in their position.

    What it does mean is, if you exited and realized the gain, you now have capital freed up and ready for your next selection, when and if. So you won't have to come up with new funds from somewhere to finance the next investment and have successfully put off starting a 15th capital infusion into your portfolio. Congratulations!

    Speaking of the multitude of capital infusions, are you papertrading your portfolio in part or in full, or are you using very small positions? That is, how do you determine just how much to invest in any one position?

    Also, putting this particular selection strategy aside for the moment, and putting aside your concept that said strategy eliminates the need for stops, what portfolio selection criteria would you deem advisable for traders that do wish nonetheless to deploy protective stops?
  4. MrMarket has given us his strategy. he is runing 15 streams of capital and making picks to fill them for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. he gets 15% per investment cycle.

    The over view is that he does 10 cycles of trades a year in 15 streams. About a 400% ROI.

    This yearly rate of 150 picks means that he does about 6 picks every 10 days or about 12 a month. give or take.

    DHI, attached below, because I sorted (culled it) it. My analysis to get it to my hot list (10 per week done each Friday) turned out to show it was untimely as it was coming through a double top as shown. I noted MM's buy day and sell target on the chart for your convenience.

    DHI is labelled #1 for the year NOV03 to NOV04, so you can see his 150 picks accumulate in 12 months.

    Since DHI, the Veteran's day pick, was done on the 10th to 12th of NOV which is about 10 days ago, I am not up to day on the 5 picks he has made after this. Has he made any new picks that were posted elsewhere and not in ET?

    It is very exciting with this most recent retart of his 15 stream portfolio and his new forum where half of his former forumites have continued. I am looking forward to seeing life span of this strategic approach. So far his string of winners has exceeded the life span of each of his recent porfolios, websites and chat forums..

    Again I am looking forward to the 6 picks every 10 days to manage the 15 streams of capital. If anyone has the picks after DHI, i would like tosee them.

    Thanks in advance.
  5. I would be happy to post them here first, but the ET management always ends up deleting or closing my threads. As a result, anyone looking for my picks will have to look elsewhere.
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    ET doesn't seem to delete posts stating selections in journals. Maybe it's an idea to create a thread in that forum in which to post your selections?
  7. been there and bought the T-shirt...they still closed down my thread. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. i assume the the response is Whartonese for the fact that you have made no picks and are going to catch up soon with a few.

    Do you have any empty money streams? I expected you to reply that all your streams were full at this time and you did not need any picks. which means your schedule is not being kept because of laggard vis a vis the 4 to 6 weeke average hold you strategize for.


    If you do have empty money streams, then the fills will be coming up soon to keep your monthly average of 12 picks right on schedule.

    You choose to say that we all have to look elsewhere because your picks , say like DHI, is now deleted.
  9. up 15.4% in 3 weeks while the rest of the market was down...I'm likin it!

    43 consecutive profitable trades of 15% or do I do it?
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    Q---How do you do it????

    A---By holding your losers forever.
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