Clown Shoes admits hes too busy campaigning to negotiate treaties with Russia.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Obama has to be someones idea of a sick joke. Biggest disgrace to the office in history. Negotiating nuclear arms with Russia should definitely take a back burner to Obamas campaign speeches....... Romney would have been buried (rightfully so) if he said something this stupid.

    Obama Admits He's Too Busy Campaigning To Negotiate Treaties with Russia.

    President Obama is asked what he meant when he said "Ill have more flexibility after the election," when he thought he was off mic with Dmetri Medvedv of Russia.

    "The discussion there very much just had to do with the fact that It's hard to negotiate additional treaties when I'm off campaigning and doing all kinds of stuff," President Obama said in an interview with KRNV-TV.

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  2. If re-election is the end all, why would anyone want to negotiate with President lameduck?

    I don't mean Putin but with Congress. (for example)

    There is no point in giving Obama credit for anything accomplished, or for him to do anything because there's no political gain.