CLOV is the next short squeeze

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  1. guru


    This still doesn’t matter, as Citadel’s ownership is small, there are larger players, while Citadel isn’t on shaky grounds despite people making assumptions. Even those reports are old and Citadel may own different number of shares every day.
    You’re making so many irrelevant assumptions that you won’t be able to trade. No ones ever made money by trying to predict something using silly assumptions. Why even post some irrelevant nonsense.
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  2. Tavurth


    I do fine by avoiding situations which increase my risk.

    An example of those might be news days, but one of them is certainly being aware of your market surroundings.

    It's like you're crossing the road blindfold and then being snarky at me for looking both ways :D
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  3. guru


    Because you’re acting like kids on WSB who find something about Citadel and either suspect huge conspiracy, or think that they can game them and steal money from big players.
    Your post also wasn’t clear on what you’re trying to say: is that bullish, or bearish, do you have price range, or what. What’s your conclusion when looking both ways?
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  4. Tavurth


    That after looking both ways, I see the possibility of a car coming. I wait a bit.
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  5. guru


    People make most money on stocks that move when everyone least expects it, so it’s probably good time to buy :)
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  6. Tavurth


    Don't let me deconstruct the blindfold circus :)
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  7. Tavurth


    If anyone else is thinking to play this, let's crunch some numbers together:


    Citadel Advisors Llc has filed a 13F-HR/A form disclosing ownership of 513,775 shares.
    The firm currently holds 922,000 call options and 429,000 put options.

    The float of CLOV is 112.10M.

    So Citadel holds (513,775 shares) + (49,300,000 optioned shares)

    Those optioned shares are likely at least 80% delta hedged as Citadel initiated the move.
    So we can assume 39,440,000 + 513,775 = 39,953,775 shares under control.

    That's 35% of the float.


    Citadel Advisors Llc has filed a 13F-HR/A form disclosing ownership of 644,576 shares.
    The firm currently holds 118,700 call options and 206,500 put options.

    The float of CLNE is 152.85M.

    So Citadel holds (644,576 shares) - (-8,780,000 optioned shares)

    Those optioned shares are likely around 50% delta hedged. So we can assume 644,576 - 4,390,000= -3,745,424 shares shorted.

    That's 2.5% of the float shorted.


    Of the above, if there were about to be a car crash in the market, I would not want to touch the stock where the participants with a possibility of crashing owned or controlled 35% of the float.

    Please note that since most financial institutions work in concert, these numbers may be drastically underestimated.

    If you're gonna play a stock, know the battlefield. Currently there's weird shit happening.
    I'm not saying CLOV is not going to rise, but be aware you may be climbing into a car crash.

    If I was forced to play either one CLNE looks like the safer play, but I would stay far clear of both.
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  8. Tavurth


    Hope you guys liquidated your positions early
    #38     Sep 20, 2021
  9. Tarzan


    I wouldnt be holding anything overnight in this market.
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