CLOV is the next short squeeze

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    How would he know that when he just copied and pasted a screenshot.
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    Certain members write bots and those collect these kind of data. If you look around in a few subs, you may be able to find it. I don't follow those though...

    Edit: Google "reddit stock mention screener"
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    Nice. Thank you :)
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    Pekelo thanks for the tip on CLNE. The price action played out as anticipated so I took a position.

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    It doesn’t matter. Everything is Citadel’s or someone’s play, while owning $4M of a stock is nothing. Stocks don’t even move without institutional investors and other large players. That’s why everyone is waiting all the time for large players to move the stock. Only children believe they’re the ones who’re moving the price and stealing money from large players.
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    Sure, and Citadel moves in concert with their friends. That's my point.

    Citadel is on shaky ground right now, so a long has a higher risk bias.

    No need to assume ignorance
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