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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a software to optimize the review of my trades.

    Every evening I check my trade executions and then mark manually on the chart the entries/exits.

    As this is quite "old school", I am looking for a software, preferably cloud based, which can do the following:

    - Show a chart
    - Import my trades from Interactivebrokers and mark them on this chart
    - Possibility to add comments on them
    - Possibility to safe it

    Are you aware about such a software?

    At the moment I found which is a good start, but still hasnt all the features (yet?) which I would need.

  2. gregr


    Actually, Tradervue will indeed do all of the things you mentioned, if I'm interpreting your list correctly.

    Disclaimer: I work at Tradervue. Not trying to promote here - just answering the question!
  3. Hi Greg,

    thank you.

    Yes Tradevue is a good start, but at the moment it seems you cannot import the trades on the same day.

    In addition there is no way to add comments in the chart like on the imo best cloud based charting software

    How do you review your trades to become a better trader?

  4. gregr


    Hi Alex,

    That limitation is particular to Interactive Brokers, and the reports they post on their site. It is possible to import data from the desktop application using our generic importer - shoot a note to for help there.

    Tradervue also has an import API that some folks have used to build automated real-time importing from IB.

    If you want to mark up your charts, we suggest using your favorite charting software (like Trading View) to do so, and then embed those charts into your Tradervue trades. There is a help page about how to add images to your trades here:

    Hope this helps!

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  6. Wow Greg,
    very good and thank you for the excellent support !

    thank you, I will check it out.

    The best personally would be if and and worked together; their names are phonetically close anyways ;-)

    Have a good trading day,