Closing Calls Oct 30

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  1. ES: 1545
    ER2: 828
    NQ: 2225
  2. S&P cash: 1539.84
    EUR.USD spot: 1.4434
  3. esz7=1527.50
  4. The Dow will finish down -38 points +/- 10 points.

    So it is said, so shall it be.

    The Amazing Rennick out:cool:
  5. No clear winner on the SPX/ES/Dow. I'll take the medal for my EUR.USD prediction: it was within 1 pip of the actual price as of 4pm EST. Never underestimate the power of a coin toss! No, wait, it was a signal of the system that I've been running profitably for the last 15 years.
  6. "The" undisputed, two-day champion of the ES!!
  7. I'll give you a credit on the direction of today's call, although you were still off by 9 ES points. Tomorrow is the ultimate test! Predictions are due by 2:15pm EST!
  8. ES 1523.00 post Fed.
  9. Just so you fellas know, the mighty "Ball" was NEUTRAL all day, calling for FLAT Market action. Great call.

    Rennick out:cool:

  10. Now thats balls. I'm feeling you.

    How about path dependent calls?

    1539 open, 1545 PreFed, 1555 initial spike up, selloff to 1525 end of day.
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