Closing Calls for fed day game!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by scriabinop23, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Alright post your calls and predictions of movements.

    I say fed cut 25bp, initial spike down, close at 2260 NQ, 840 ER2 (this will be the outperformer since everydown is net short), and 1565 ES. same percentage gain on dow.

    i'm not feeling quite bearish.
  2. Pekelo


    Big swings up and down for 1 hour and we close pretty much where we were at 2 pm...
  3. .25 cut, drop and pop as per the usual, dow up 150+
  4. Hold rates steady, and comments about inflation heat up. But will stand ready to act if nessary. Hey Goldaman Sachs stock has recovered so they can stop acting like total doves.

  5. Dow down 100
    SPX down 5
    NDX down 10
    RUT down 10
  6. ESZ7=1532.50
  7. What he said.
  8. ron2368


    if they cut as expected the market will NOT be allowed to drop. I say dow up 180 but by friday its heading lower. this cant go on forever, yes it can.
  9. Pekelo


    Generally, when there is a trend before 2 pm (usually there isn't), the after announcement trend stays the same, even if there is first wild fluctuation.
    This morning we have a clear uptrend, so we shall see....
  10. Dow +300
    Nasdaq +100
    S&P +40

    Bernanke cuts 50 bp and says we have to avoid a depression and is taking preventive measures. :)
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