closest to spy MOC order for ES with TWS ?

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    I'm having trouble to trade futures atclosing time (as well as stocks and ETFs from IB mobile app), either I try limit order to save 1 tick when checking the market live and regulary manage lower prices than the 4pm print or because I can't be in front of the computer at that time.

    Any idea on the best way to enter an order on TWS which would either

    1) get as close as possible as the 4pm print on ES, the safest when in front of the computer is a market order at 4pm, but it's not as good as a MOC on SPY, nor as with NQ/YM/TF because of tick size, and when not in front of the computer, shall I set an order conditional to SPY closing, or ? (and how ?!?)

    2) get as close as posssible as the 4.15pm print in ES (I didn't find any MOC orders on futures)

    Also while travelling recently I tried to set a MOC on some ETF on twsmobile but couldn't get the MOC order appear on the app. Is it normal ?

    Thanks for all advice on this topic which has bothered me quite a bit lately
  2. specify a start time. you only have to be careful around Dayligt savings.

    sometimes i specify a time of 9:30.01 instead of 9.30.00, or 15.59.59 instead of 16:00:00
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    Thanks !

    Do you mean GAT orders ?

    I must have been looking for something quite different last couple of times I checked the order page from IB ?!? It would solve some of the issues I face. I will papertrade some GAT on monday to check if I get those right first.

    About the mobile app, are other users able to get MOC orders with it ? GAT orders ??