Closest thing to bloomberg

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tomfother, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. tomfother


    What is the closest thing to Bloomberg (bar Reuters.. hate that thing)?

    I use Bloomberg at work and grew quite accustomed to it and still don't trade enough at home to justify bloomberg costs.

    Any ideas what I could use instead? How is tradestation? Any other ideas would be great.

  2. I've used Reuters/Bridge back in 2001. Tradestation nowadays is, imo, better than what I had back then. if that's any help.
  3. eSignal for quotes, charts.

    Or Tradestation if you like backtesting etc.

    Subscribe to DJ News ($30) and Grab a few RSS feeds.

    You can get a squawk box for $125.

    That pretty much will give you everything you need for about 25% of what Bloomberg costs.

    Who needs the Indian cricket scores and the price of Mongolian tanning hides that Bloomy charges in the basic lease?
  4. lol, you can still get the Indian cricket scores with a reuters news feed on any platform.