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  1. ET closes a thread that simply lets traders know of a site that affords Forex Traders a place to discuss trading ideas and concepts, without the constant off-topic banter and personal attacks that get spewed inside most FX forums, including too many here at ET.

    I don't mine you closing my thread, "Baron." However, at least have the intellectual honesty and decency to recognize that back when ET was an unknown quantity, it too went around the net dropping its name all over the place, so that people would know about its existence.

    How utterly hypocritical is that?

    I'll be sure to pass along the great support that I think ET can be to the members of our site.

    It is no wonder that retail FX online forums have gone down the tubes. You've commercialized yourselves into oblivion, without truly doing anything to educate the Trader! The Newbies can't learn anything on these commercialized retail FX sites, because they have to climb through mountains of nonsense, before they ever get to anything that can help them become a better trade.

    THIS is precisely WHY our site exists! We don't sell anything. The irony, is that you commercial sites, perpetually slam people for trying to "sell you something" - yet you rail against a sites that are created to actually educate Traders! That's beyond hypocritical, is it not?

    Look at your list of Sponsors - then look yourselves in the mirror. We don't have Sponsors, nor will we ever have Sponsors, because our site is NOT about selling things to people. We are about research, education, learning, development and growth of the Fx Trader - but most importantly, we are about giving the Fx Trader a peaceful environment in which to discover their potential as Traders.

    It is too bad that the commercial Fx online trading "community" fails to take on this charter, leaving the new Trader no place to genuinely learn about HOW to trade Fx, and a sour taste in the experienced Trader's mouth, for ever wanting to come back to the online community they left behind years ago. What a shame!

    It is sad, watching people that don't know what they are doing, or what they are talking about, ruin things for others - all because of a crab in the barrel mentality.

    Happy New Year, to you too, Baron/Savant.

    And, don't worry. I'm not going to play the petty tit-for-tat game of blowing your UserID off our Member's list, just because you shut down my thread here on ET.

    I'm not petty like you people seem to be.
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    Let me get this straight:

    You're pissed because you're not allowed to come to this discussion site and solicit our members to come to your discussion site?

    Are you kidding me? Do you really think that I'm going to allow that?

    Try walking into a retail business in your town and screaming the following to all of the customers: "Hey everybody, I just started a competing business right across the street!! Stop by when you can!".

    Do you really think that business, or any business, is going to allow you to do that?

    Of course not.

    Look, if you want to start your own site, great. Be my guest. And if you want to keep sponsors out of it, go for it. I wish you the best of luck. But don't expect for site owners who have been at this game way longer than you to just hand over their traffic to you on a silver platter. That's just not going to happen, unless of course the site owner doesn't really give a damn about his site. But that's not me nor will it ever be.
  3. Baron

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    Furthermore, you've lost your focus and you need to get your head on straight again. If you really want to help people, and you really want to contribute, and you really want to make a difference in trader's lives, and you truly aren't trying to turn it into a commercial venture, then I can promise you that starting your own site from scratch is not the best route. What you need to do is start helping people here, right now. You will gain much more notoriety for yourself by contributing on a site like this one that already has traffic than trying to start one from nothing. I've seen it happen a million times before, and here is the general pattern:

    1. Trader gets a bright idea to start his own site.
    2. Trader develops site and is excited when it's finally ready.
    3. Trader tries to spam on other sites to get traffic, but most sites just delete his posts.
    4. Trader still manages to get a few members here and there but those members aren't really posting.
    5. Trader realizes this whole discussion site thing is somewhat difficult to get going.
    6. Trader decides to pay for some traffic via Google ads.
    7. Trader's site gets a few more members but the original members have since left because there's no activity.
    8. Trader's site gets hit with automated SPAM at 11PM on a Saturday night and it looks like a disaster.
    9. Trader tries to clean it up but the spammers hit it again the very next day.
    10. Trader realizes this is quite possibly the stupidest idea he's ever had and then he takes the whole thing down and then goes back to ET where he can focus on actually participating and not on trying to be a site manager or startup company.
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    Damn Baron, you really have this whole web business down cold. :)