Closed the futures daytrade account

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by taclander, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. I shut down my futures account today. Have been meaning to do it for the last month, maybe longer. I couldn't do it, but finally got on the phone and sent out the wire instructions.
    I've been trading the indexes for ~12+ years, and it's a bitch to shut it down. Not that I need to explain, but it isn't because I crapped out. I have to take care of my family and now my Dad needs almost full time care and I'm taking it on. Almost the whole year now I have fired up the computer, charts, and platform, and then walked away with brief periods sitting down and pretending I was going to have time to trade.
    It must be like crack, as I have been a pain in the ass as a result of not being able to work, and admitting that I need to shut it down took way too long. Crap I still didn't shut down the charts even though I told the broker I'm done.
    I'm going to head back to the equity side and swing trade. I'll use options also, so I guess I have my fix planned all ready. I just hope I can get my thought process back to higher time frames, and not jumping in and out.
    Hopefully I can get some income generating strategies running, as I don't like the idea of walking away without added income in the account at the end of each month.
    There's my whine for the day.
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    Good luck...........
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    Sounds like a smart, disciplined move. Family problems can take a toll on your mental state and by extension, trading results. Best Wishes.
  4. Great, thank you,,, one less player to take my money :)

    Good luck, taclander
  5. You're doing a good thing, wish you the best.

    Remember to always make a little time for yourself, it helps.
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    I havent been daytrading lately because I have been working to help my dad as well. Honestly, I think its been beneficial.

    Still having a passion for the markets, but not watching every tick has got my mind going, I actually think about the market dynamics much more than I ever did before. Ive been swing trading equity options lately and have found some nice success.
  7. Its a funny thing with trading, the less you watch the markets the better your results are. Especially after years of watching them.

    You'll probably experience more success than you can imagine.

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    My dad took full time care too for about a year, before graduating hospice here at home in March. Mom is in hospice now, but takes occassional care. You are doing the right thing.
    What you are doing can be more demanding than can be told.
    For me, I could short term swing trade minimal contracts(my quality of trading was not always at it's best).... it took my mind off things. It fit the circumstances. And I was up all hours anyway! A different purpose, perhaps, than yous.
    The best to you.
  9. Getting over the selfish end where I don't want to give up trading. I had to do this to a lesser degree a few years ago when my Mom was slowly dying. At that time though my Dad was able to do most things, and I was more moral support and helping out. This time it's on me to do everything, and it is hard in all respects. Income wise we are all right as my wife makes good money, but again the selfish end for me is my plan to save enough cash to get into a partnership for an airplane with my income. Now I need to put that off for awhile.
    Anyway, it is nice to have the mostly anonymous internet to post my whinings.:D
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    Oh! you are one of those 'watch you six' kind of guys.
    My sister is married to one.
    You will do well.... whine away!
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