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    What are some good Closed End Funds for income? If I go to and sort by dividend there are a few over 10%, and quite a lot over 8%. Many have a high premium over NAV. Anyone know of any good utility CEFs? I haven't found any yet, but I haven't checked them all.

    Edit: Just found Evergreen Utilities and High Income - pays 8.61% currently.
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    IGD, CHY, CHI, JPG, JLA... pretty conservative. You're looking for RTU possibly.
  3. you had better look at more than the yield with closed end funds. you can lose principle with these things if you pick the wrong ones. it is seldom a good idea to buy income cefs for a premium to nav.
  4. Thanks for the link. I know I should have used the search function.
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    I use for research usually. A few years ago when I used CEF's fairly often, I would look in the closed end fund section in Barrons.
  6. UTF--Is a pretty darn safe Utility Fund trading at a nice discount

    as of 9/15/2006

    Fund Name (Ticker)----Cohen & Steers Sel Util (UTF)
    Asset Class---Sector Equity
    NAV--- $25.97
    YTD NAV Return---12.55%
    NAV 1-Yr Return---6.05%
    1-Yr Rank by NAV--- 60
    Prem/Disc --- (-14.48%) Discount ($$$)
    Mkt Price---$22.21
    1-Yr Mkt Return---7.09%
    1-Yr Mkt Rank---44

    Top Holdings (as of 3/31/2006)
    Ameren Corp 4.86%
    Duke Energy Corp 4.77%
    Exelon Corp 4.76%
    Southern Company 4.01%
    PG&E Corp 3.70%
    Equitable Resources Inc 3.56%
    Edison International 3.49%
    Cinergy Corp 3.35%
    Public Service Enterprise Group Inc 3.26%
    Consolidated Edison Inc 3.11%

    Top Sectors (as of 3/31/2006)
    UTILITIES 76.70%
    FTSE Group Other 8.31%
    FINANCIALS 5.02%

    This is a utility fund that I am in currently...

    Also---I have not seen anyone post about BEO (Enhanced s&p500 covered call)....This is off subject, but if you are long the SPY with the assumption that we are not going too much higher than 1350 this year....BEO might be what you are looking for....I like the idea of a fund that specializes in selling Covered Calls at this point in the cycle....This has been one smooth ride for me as well...
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  7. Search "Closed end funds" and "Optionscoach"
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    He has an extensive list of funds in his public area. Take the list into Excel, then sort on the dividend column.

    His lists have all of the junk culled out of them, so you are just seeing the stocks/etf/cef's that pay a real dividend.

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    Look at CSQ. Stable dividend and narrowing discount to NAV. It currently yields around 8%