closed above the open minus 20 points

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    Lets say price opened at 1500, had a high of 1550 and closed at 1530. Is that what is meant with "closed above the open minus 20 points"?
  2. I would say it means...

    market FINISHED down 20

    but closed above the open

    i could be wrong...

    but i have never been wrong before

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  3. I've never heard anyone say that.

    If it closes above the open how can it close above the open minus 20 points?

    If price opened at 1,400 and it closed above the open, it would have to close above 1,400. But the open minus 20 points is 1,380. So if it closed above that maybe it closed above 1,380, but there's not enough information to know if it was an up or down day.

    It could open at 1,400 and go up all day and close at 1,450. That's still closing above the open minus 20 points. Remember, the open minus 20 points is 1,380, and 1,450 is above 1,380. In that case it's also closing above the open minus 100 points. And above the open minus 473 points. Etc.
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    You must have a golden trading system.
    Do you trade completely according to your trading system, when it says buy, you buy, when it says sell, you sell or you also put your personal judgement into trading?
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