Close Your Eyes and Buy Now

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Signate67, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. YM and S&P
  2. Pretty bold talk for a "4 poster"
  3. Not sure if its time to buy. But maybe close out some shorts, no need to be a pig.
  4. dsq


    wow,what a sell off...I personally was trading T this morning...I kept seeing the banks just melting and the dow was up 100 pts...I think this is a washout bottom.
    Oil is down big.Oils stocks are the last stocks to get hit and all commodities might be rolling over here.Negative sentiment is very high.Feels like we are makin a near term bottom.
  5. galiano


    Time to sell the house for 60 cents on the US dollar. Use the money to buy stock indexes. The rationale and analysis for the buy as it's been presented is bulletproof.
  6. Justify your call....give reasoning and details, then maybe someone will listen to your post.
  7. S2007S


    These slow triple digit losses are really just a long process, I think a solid 1000+ point drop on the DOW would get rid of these slow triple day losses and get rid of most of these investors who are slowly selling into any decline.
  8. Come on you know thats not how the crooked investment banks work. They keep telling everyone what a great buy things are......... how valuations are so low, wink wink.

    Then as the market keeps going lower and the Investment banks, GS LEH, keep hypeing the great market buys, thoese who bought into the hype can't take in anymore dump into the hands of the crooks who tricked them many many months ago.

    Yes what a great place this could be if we could wash these filthy banks out of our system, and replace them with good banks like Bank of America.
  9. If you can wait some months and you are not overleveraged, this is a good advice.

    IMHO we are not at the bottom, yet.
    If you can wait, you can still make money.
  10. UYG now at 18.16 and down another 7%.
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