Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers

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  1. Now the Pallywood propaganda can no longer survive. Video clearly shows Palestinian passengers attacking IDF agents preemptively. Israel fired back in self defense.

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  2. LOL!!! Gives a whole new meaning to the term "peace activist" doesn't it??? LOL!!!!
  3. achilles28


    LOL @ "attacking" IDF soldiers.

    The Israeli Army boarded a civilian ship in international waters. That's illegal and constitutes a hostile act.

    The passengers used plastic chairs, wood and metal rods to lawfully defend themselves. Clearly, they were not terrorists or militants judging by their implements.

    Big misstep by Israel.
  4. Mark Regev, spokesman for the Prime Minister of Israel, has stated that "the San Remo memorandum[64] states, specifically 67A, that if you have a boat that is charging a blockaded area you are allowed to intercept even prior to it reaching the blockaded area if you've warned them in advance, and that we did a number of times and they had a stated goal which they openly expressed, of breaking the blockade. That blockade is in place to protect our people."[65]

    Israel can board any vessel it wants in Israeli waters, just like the USA coast gaurd can, and regularly does.

    So then, they preemptively attack the Israelis with knives, lead pipes, and furniture. Then, they wonder why they get their ass kicked. LOL!!!

    The lead pipe peace activists...

  5. achilles28


    The Turkish ship was ~60 miles outside Israeli territorial waters. There's a slew of quotes from British, Turkish and American maritime authorities saying there was no jurisdiction. The Turks could have gunned down every IDF solider (and the helicopter), and been in the right.

    You realize how dumb you sound, calling a military take-over of a civilian ship in international waters, a "mission of peace".
  6. 377OHMS


    Turkey is clearly not ready to become an EU member. :D
  7. achilles28


    Indeed. Peddling black-market nukes to South Africa, Patriot Missile technology to the Communist Chinese, and attacking their closest ally in broad daylight, are the real hallmarks of a model "global citizen".

    Turkey could learn a lot from the underhanded, slim-ball dealings of our good friends, the Israelis.
  8. loza

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    Israel is your good friend you slime-ball Hebe...we always knew where these scumbags's loyalties were....
  9. achilles28


    Hebe? I'm not Jewish. That was clear by my post. You missed the part where I railed against Israel for a litany of double-crossings. The "Good friends" remark was sarcastic.
  10. byteme


    Aren't those Israelis boarding the ship supposed to be special forces or something?

    I don't know how they are going to show their face after getting a beat-down from civilians with chairs and clubs. They even had their weapons taken from them. What kind of commandos are they? Embarassing.

    The person in-charge of that operation screwed up big time. Why board in international waters? Why try to board the ship at pre-dawn and not during daylight? Why send commandos down outnumbered into a crowd of people that you can clearly see before getting there? The whole thing is bizarre.
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