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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by retaildaytrader, Jul 5, 2010.

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  1. Guys are dieing over in Afghanistan every day. Every day an officer goes to the door of a family of someone who was killed in Afghanistan. Real lives, real blood and lots of people negatively effected in a big way...

    So why do we have to mock the military through trollish threads like this one?

    I think a certain amount of trollish behavior can be tolerated on a board, but there is certain behavior that crosses the line and cant be tolerated. Many of the comments in the thread above like the occupation being the "job of last resort" are simply horrible and disrespectful.

    I ask for the above thread to be closed as its not appropriate when men are dieing a gory bloody death everyday and their families are so negatively effected. How would you like to be the father of an individual who died or wounded in fighting over in Afghanistan and then read the above thread where people are making crude remarks about the occupation?
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    I disagree, and don't find the OP's decision to join the military mocking at all, nor do I find the thread "trollish" as you call it, whatever that means. Most (not all) of the comments in the thread are suggestions to use his college degree and go to OCS or some equivalent. Regardless, joining the military is a contract as has been pointed out to the OP, and of course there are risks. And, yes, many people join the military in hard economic times because they can't find jobs elsewhere, that's the reality and not an insult to others who have joined for a variety of their own reasons.

    BTW, in your post on that thread you said "For the record, I support the military..." In fact, your whole post there (and in this thread) sounds a little self-righteous, so not sure what you mean by that. I supported the military by serving for 3 years and I'm not insulted by that thread. What have you done?
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    I have read the thread and find nothing offensive about it. I find the kid to be honest and put his cards on the table. We have all had moments of despair and despondency in our lives why in the world would anyone kick a man when he's down.

  4. jeez Pops, you've already forgotten all the abuse you took and now promptly become the abuser and attack this 8-post newbie with one of the very few honest threads at Retard Central?
  5. There is nothing wrong with being self-righteous. You dont have to worry about the self-righteous ones...
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