close the futures markets ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SethArb, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. of course not ... however

    something has to be done about the VOLS

    and spikes and "killer poops"

    green shoots being shot down and also

    sprouting up all the time

    in various markets in various time frames

    too much money chasing performance

    too little to late ???

  2. is there any way to limit the barriers and otc derivatives

    and abusive practices taking place

    heck and lets end the "flashing size nonsense too"

    little BOTS

  3. that was a funny one

    moving this to chit chat

  4. and another thing

    I live in america ... so if I choose to place a bid and offer

    STOP trying to "#$%^&*( front run my order )

    thanks alot mr BOT

  5. thanks DARTH VADER for moving this to

    chitty chat

    ps ... do you "paper trade"

    or do you work for GS or some other sinister

    WHALE ?

  6. so Seth, is it scotch or bourbon tonight?