Close-out advisory? Short selling?

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  1. kakao


    What does this mean please?
  2. guru


    It means that you are short a stock that currently doesn’t have sufficient number of shares to borrow, so you cannot keep borrowing those shares and need to buy them back. Otherwise IB may automatically buy the shares back for you.
    Shorting shares requires borrowing them first (which IB does automatically for you), but there is a limited pool of shares available for lending/borrowing, and it can change at any time.
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  3. zdreg


    In order for you to go short the co. needs to borrow shares for you to sell. The notice is saying They are no longer able to borrow stock for your short position. You have two choices. You can close your position by buying the stock back or you can do nothing and let the broker buy the stock for you.
    (If you do nothing there is always the possibility at the last moment prior to buying you in that they can borrow the stock and you will still have your position.)
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  4. Cisco34


    How do you short 35,000 shares of something, then ask a question like this?
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    GL op

  6. kakao


    I am short avg 2.45 , so... I don't care it's 2 cents movement AH...

    For what should this reply useful? Refrain such useless comments...
  7. lolololol

    you blocked your account # on top m, and not in the text

    hope your trading is better than that
  8. Another poser claiming he's short from the absolute HIGH of a spike
    Short at 2.45 and didnt cover near $1 ?

    Why is this even not a bad joke ?

  9. How dare you point out the op is a fraud
  10. I'll see you at the open tomorrow

    That will be me with 35,000 for you to cover with , at 3.50
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