Cloning a hard drive

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  1. I want my entire hard drive (os, programs, files, everything) put onto an external hard drive.

    In case of fire, stolen computer, crash, etc. I want to be able to just plug an external hard drive to a new computer and be up and running as if I was using my old computer and pick up right where I left off.

    Whats the best way to do this? I feel like this my not be as easy as I think.
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  3. It's a pain in the ass and takes some time. I paid a local computer repair shop $75 to do it for me. Do likewise and relieve yourself of the burden.
  4. Otherwise look at Acronis for image backup and transfers.

    It all depends how technically capable you are.
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    ghost image?
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    casper xp works for me.
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    I second casper xp... I have had several hard drives go bad over the years and every time, i have swapped it out with the casper drive and been back up on the next reboot. For $50.00, it cant be beat.
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    CasperXP. Just swap in the backup HDD and you are up and running again. Saved me from some serious headaches and lost trading time.
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    I tried using an external hd and found the transfer was too slow. I ended up installing two removable HD drawers. Using Aconis, I now have a master hd , which I have my operating system, core programs and data, and several cloned masters. I use the clone and if there is any problem I can quickly switch drives, like under one minute, and I am up and running. I update the master weekly. Use cable select when setting up the hd’s.

  10. Casper XP is the easiest to keep a cloned hard drive up to date.

    Acronis True Image offers more capability and flexiblity with its additional ability to make "images" to an external drive.

    Both are good and offer a fully functional free trial.

    If you are truly anal about backups (as am I), the BEST would be to have both. Each day you could keep a cloned HD current with about a 1 minute update by using Casper XP, and you could make "images" to an external hard drive with Acronis as necessary. (Actually, Acronis has a recently added ability to make an "incremental" update, but I don't know whether that's to an existing image or to a cloned HDD... haven't tried it yet.)
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