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    how do i sync my computer clock with tws clock? it's currently about 3 minutes faster. thanks
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  3. you're new to computers aren't you? double click your computer clock and change the time!

    Just a thought
  4. here is a cool clock thingy. exacto time--way more accurate than my wristwatches and its free. LOL !


  5. It won't necessarily sync with TWS, but..

    If you're running XP then double-click the time in your Taskbar, go to the Internet Time and set it to sync with one of the web's time servers automatically.

    For Windows 2000, etc., search for a little utility called Neutron. It runs on startup, syncs to a time server, and then exits each time you log in.
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    I was impressed that this simple facility finally made it into Windows. Until I tried it, and found out that it doesn't set it exactly right - it's off by a few seconds, which doesn't work for me. Like it would have been hard for them to do it right :(

    I use "NISTime", which is available (free) from the NIST (the folks that run the atomic clocks):

    I run it from my Windows startup directory. A little quirky to get set up properly (the author's native environment is clearly not Windows :) ), but it works well.

    WARNING: You can get sucked in and spend more time than you will ever have, exploring the wonderful world of time synchronization :)
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    I must be missing something ..... Windows 2000 and Windows XP come out of the box with the ability to sync with an external timeserver on the internet: on Windows xp the setup is point and click. On windows 2000 it is a few commands at the command line.

    Why would you want to risk contaminating your system with external virusware or adware if this functionality is built - in ?
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