Clock ticking, I pulled out of QQL have to be up on another service by Monday - HELP!

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  1. OK, I have heard all the issues with Qcharts and the ones with Esignal and DTNIQ.

    I have just three simple questions for you guys on these services.

    1- Are there any limits on these services to having multiple computers running the service and feed?

    2- Witch service has the best cost vs. benefit ratio?

    3- The one with the best Charting?

    4- The one with the best Market Trends (Most Active, Gaps, Price volume Trends, Moving Averages, etc.)

    Any feedback appreciated.

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  2. Of the three, Esignal, hands down. You forgot reliability and again Esignal. I liked Qcharts but Esignals datafeed has been much better.
  3. I think it depends on what kind of data you require. QCharts has brilliant charting, particularly if you use multimonitors, plus it has intraday data going back a long time. E Signal has much less intraday data but I understand they have improved a bit. I'm not sure of the exact amount of data each has, but for me that was an important factor that dictated QCharts.

    QCharts seemed to have a lot fo problems with Lev II and options data at one time. I never used either so I can't really comment, but it does appear the complaints have diminished. QCharts is pretty reliable for futures.

    I used FutureSource data at one time via sat feed and it was great. Very comprehensive and professional. I believe they have a java product and an internet feed as well.

    You can sign up for a month at a time so why not just give each a try? You may find that your ISP connects better to one than the other and that will settle the matter for you. I had AT at one time and just could not get a decent connection to it and had to drop it, not that I thought it was all that great.
  4. Cartel -

    Esignal forbids running 2 computers at a time from 1 account/IP address; you have to essentially buy a second subscription (at a small discount). Just use multiple monitors on one computer.
  5. Tech, do you know if the same is true for QCharts?

    Thanks in advance,
  6. mbg


    Want nice charts? Realtick rules for that

    Datafeed can't be beat either

    you pay for what you get
  7. Cartel -

    I tried QCharts for a month and the data feed was so bad I gave up. Constantly switching between one of their 3 or 4 servers.

    RealTick's the best of the lot
  8. QCharts does not allow simultaneous sign in of multiple computers. Neither does RT.
  9. Is QQL the only one that does allow simultaneous sign in from the same IP address?
  10. Answering your questions in the order you asked,

    1. QCharts and eSignal are limited to single login only - so per account you have with them, you can only use one computer at a time to connect to their services.

    To connect 2 computers to the same service, try getting 2 accounts ;D

    2a. symbol count

    eSignal - 500 symbols limit (can add more at extra $)

    QChart - unlimited # of symbols

    2b. stability

    eSignal - more stable in delivery speed in fast market

    QChart - depending on the region you are located at, it can be very stable in delivery speed or lag behind a lot if you are connected to a bad server.

    3. Use third party program to get best charting :)

    4. QChart has more pre-built filtered listing while eSignal has an add-on service of market scanner.

    Anyhow, you can use 3rd party software to scan.


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