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  1. The settings on my PC clock are lost as soon as I turn the PC off. It started like this each time I moved the machine I had to reset the clock in BIOS at start up. Now it never stays on time even after I reset time and date in BIOS, it's off by several hours when I turn my machine on in the morning . I don't know what's wrong and I really need to have an accurate clock. I would appreciate your help.
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    How old is your PC? Usually there is a little battery on the motherboard that keeps your clock going when the power is shut off. Looks like this battery has run out of power. The replacement probably requires soldering, so it should be done by an expert only.

    There may be other sources for this error, but I'd have this one checked first.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  3. Yep, sounds as though the battery is kaput. The replacement might be a simple "pop in a new one" or, it might be attached to the motherboard and require a professional touch.

    If this is an older machine needing the professional touch, it might also be the time to look at a replacement for the whole machine. Technology changes and you might be able to pick up a good new or used replacement at a reasonable price. Open the mind (and the wallet)! :)
  4. Some mfrs solder the damn thing in place; the heat from soldering alone can shorten the life of a battery. If that's the case with yours I'd replace that with a real battery holder.
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    I've never had a pc that kept the correct time.

    If you need a clock that matches the exchanges' time, you can buy a clock that sets itself via radio signal to the correct atomic time. That's what I have, but I don't need it now since IB and Qcharts have an accurate clock built into their software.

    There's also a program you can download to install on your computer to keep the correct time.
  6. FWIW esignal sets my system clock each time it's started.
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    Just leave your puter on all the time. That is what I do.

    Bert:D :D :D
  8. Thank you all. The PC is not that old (2000) How do you show the TWS atomic clock? I actually had TWS shut down once because of my computer clock showing 10 pm, the auto logoff time. So this can be a serious problem .
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    "There's also a program you can download to install on your computer to keep the correct time"

    Can you provide the url for this?

  10. Here it is :

    edit:but I just realized it comes with an adware maybe you don't want to dl that stuff. I have used one machine that had it and I was always wondering where all these pop-ups were coming from, now I know!
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