Clipboard Shrinkage: Excel 2003 to 2007

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    With my old computer with Windows XP, 1.25 GB RAM and Excel 2003, I used to copy five large Web data files to the clipboard along with five smaller files without a problem. Now, with a new computer with 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate, 8 GB RAM and Excel 2007, the most the clipboard will hold is two of the large files. The following message is displayed for the Clipboard's status on the Taskbar when trying to load the third file:
    "Item Not Collected: Delete Items to Increase Available Space."
    Does anyone have any insight into this? The 2007 clipboard size seems to be less than half of 2003's capacity. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be adjusted? There must be something I'm missing because "they" could not have decreased the Clipboard's size so drastically.
  2. ???

    Service pack 3 is the current version, if I'm not mistaken. I just installed it on my machine today.
  3. You are mightily confused. You must be talking about the SP3 for Windows XP operating system. There is not even SP2 for Office 2007 yet.
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    syswizard, thank you for your reply. Yes, I have SP1. So far I have searched Microsoft's KB, and to no avail. I may be a minority in utilizing the clipboard to this extent, so maybe this new limitation just hasn't come up with the right people yet. And, as you imply, it might be corrected with the next SP. But I would still like to know if this constraint was by Microsoft's design, perhaps out of necessity as a result of the additional rows and columns or for some other reason, or if it is indeed a bug. Or is there some setting that I overlooked or maybe a registry entry that could be changed?
  5. mentioned Vista ? Have you considered THAT as the problem area ? The clipboard is a universal feature of the operating system, so I believe that is where the problem lies.
    Read some of these threads for proof:
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    I see. You are correct, of course. Thank you for that. One of the posts from your link had another link with good comparative detail regarding XP/Vista desktop heaps. However, by looking at those data alone, the capacity of the clipboard should have increased, not decreased. Unless there are other items using the heap such as the added number of rows and columns in Excel or some other Vista processes. I am still at a loss to find any direct commentary on this, but thanks to you the focus of my search has sharpened.